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Your Greatest Asset and Your Sleepless Night

Good people make good business. So employees can be your greatest asset when managed well. They can also be your sleepless night if not.


In this fast-paced, competitive and resource-constrained world, we want to make sure that they are an asset for you 90% of the time and that you know what do do about it the other 10% of the time. This means that you spend more time managing the business than you do managing people-related problems.


This workshop has been developed to help you do just that. In it you will:


  • Explore how to bring out the best in your employees
  • Start to identify the saboteurs and superstars in your business
  • Appreciate the foundation which limits performance more than any other
  • Spot warning signs and what to do about them


"Anyone who wants to be a manager should do this people management course" Sangeetha Siva

"This really helped me with team development" Damian Williams

"This course is very useful for a wide variety of daily contacts" David North

"Very helpful and thought-provoking. Will really help with effective people management" Toby Worton


For more information, email tricia@triciawoolfrey.com.  You'll be glad you did!