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5-Dimensional Success Coaching Program

A-HEAD for Success 5D Coaching

Whatever your aims are in coaching, whether it is to achieve a specific business goal, improve your skills, reduce your stress or have a success mindset, a structured approach will give you the best results.

The A-HEAD for Success program is just that and creates more clarity, grows your skills and develops a successful mindset so that you can enjoy greater success, stress resilience and energy. You and your business will be firing on all cylinders.

If you are working too hard or feel that you are not getting the results you want, this program will not just get you on track, but keep you there. It will help you to navigate the inevitable challenges which come your way with more clarity, more stamina and sustainable results.

My approach is multi-dimensional because you are. Success is not something you can leave to chance and this is possibly the most robust program you’ll find.

To find out more, click here and, to listen to a radio interview on the A-HEAD for Success program.


Analysis Goals and current reality – so you know what your starting point is and where you want to get to
Holistic Diagnosis Barriers to success – looking at you as a whole person and a helicopter view of the issues
Enabling Success Strategy planning – your road map to follow
Assess Progress Keeping on track and navigating road blocks
Develop and Refine Building on what’s going well and making adjustments
Strategic  ♦  Tactical  ♦  Practical  ♦  Holistic  ♦  Supportive
Various packages available, depending on the level of acceleration and support required.  Laser coaching provided where needed.



Thank you, I feel so much more ’empowered’ after your great clarity session, I am practically buzzing.  I appreciate your skill in getting me to where I passionately want to be.   Kathleen

“Tricia is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. When things have got out of kilter for me, she has somehow helped me find my way. Tricia is truly is a vital piece of the successful entrepreneur or business-person’s strategy.”

Sam Ashdown, Managing Director

  “The results were nothing short of fantastic.”

Guy Apple, CEO

Since working with Tricia my turnover has increased by at least 30%.  She has helped me to develop a success mindset and increase my business skills through her Momentum Group and 1:1 work.  I have learned so much from her and would highly recommend her to anyone serious about improving their business.”

Catherine Bayman, Business Owner

“Working with Tricia was a pivotable in both my business and personal development. Through workshops and one to one sessions we covered structure and delivery of my training programs, as well as improving my time management, selling and assertiveness skills.  We also built social media content and refocused the marketing and branding of my business.  My students, clients and myself have all benefited from Tricia’s patient, heart-centred and professional approach.  It was a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to doing so again in the future.”

Debra Carter, Business Owner


Coaching available:

Executive coaching, Business coaching, Leadership skills, Influencing skills, Presentation skills, Interviewing skills, Appraisal skills, Stress management, Emotional intelligence, Customer attraction, Customer retention, Effective meetings, Managing conflict, Anger management

Services and Consultancy:

Stress and wellness audits, team building, change management, employee performance, culture audits, employee surveys, training needs analysis, conflict resolution, psychometric profiling, employee and executive wellness, stress resilience.  And the newest is a stress resilience retreat.

Also available: Business Health Check – the 7 factors you must measure

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Tricia Woolfrey FCIPD, MNLP, DHP, DHNP
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