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"Thank you, I feel so much more 'empowered' after your great clarity session, I am practically buzzing.  I appreciate your skill in getting me to where I passionately want to be. "  Kathleen


"Your help and guidance has made such a positive impact - and in so short a time.  I am in a totally different place now.  Thank you."  Katy


"I've got to say, it was seriously eye-opening for me. I've already rolled up my sleeves and started building my very own self-care program - thanks to you."  Julia Bend


"Tricia very quickly understood me and my challenges running my own business. Even in a short 1 hour session she has helped me to develop strategies I can implement immediately to operate more efficiently and effectively. I feel calmer already."   Paula Parker


“In all honesty Tricia’s retreat is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The whole day consisted of Tricia looking into the problems that have surfaced in the 2 years of running my business, and addressing them with phenomenal advice and help! Not only was she great at advising on my business issues but unbelievably helpful with my own personal issues too.  She is a great listener, easy to talk to and very practical.

The whole day was amazing and I cannot wait to see Tricia again for our review on how things have been in my business in the new year! I highly recommend Tricia’s services, money well spent!”  Richard Williams


“Before my stress and wellness assessment I had a lot swimming around in my head and this assessment enabled me to see the challenges and priorities more clearly and provided solutions on how to deal with them.  I got some really useful insights and it was very comprehensive, dealing with all aspects of life from work, to home life and diet and everything in between.”  MW, Managing Director


“Tricia gave an inspiring talk on resilience which was both interesting and thought provoking and provided useful key information as to how one can apply such skills to life and work challenges.”  Barlow Robbins Solicitors


“I saw Tricia for a Stress and Wellness Assessment.  I was relieved at how easy she was to talk to and also how thorough.  She was able to understand with remarkable accuracy and speed not only the factors affecting me but the causes too, not just the symptoms! I was aware of some but not all until our session, she explained what I could do about them and would follow this up with a roadmap.  Tricia was both sensitive and supportive of my needs in a very practical way.  I have no hesitation in recommending this for anyone who wants to be at their best and to, not only head off problems before they arise, but also to deal with problems that are affecting you.”  G F O’Shea CFP Chartered FCSI, Managing Director, Acumulus Consulting


“Tricia gave an excellent presentation on “The Elephant in the Boardroom” about stress and wellbeing at work to the Guildford CIPD group. She delivered an interactive talk including, at the request of the audience, an impromptu mindfulness session. The feedback was very positive about both the content and style of delivery. She was able to highlight the economic cost of stress and lack of wellbeing and highlighted steps that we as individuals on our own behalf, and HR professionals with corporate responsibility to our staff, can take to improve stress and wellbeing in the workplace. I would like to thank Tricia for running such a great session which was an absolute pleasure to attend.”  David Snelling, CIPD Group Chair, Guildford


“Tricia’s talk to our HR members was excellent.  Full of great content and useful advice.  Her style was very engaging, approachable and practical and it was a hugely beneficial talk on a subject we all need to understand for ourselves and our teams.”  Martin Buckland, CIPD Branch Chair and Managing Director of HR at Work Limited


“Oh if only I didn’t have all these distractions, if only I could afford to go off somewhere to get my head clear, if only, if only, if only etc.  I had serious brain fog in my very demanding job as solopreneur.

“I decided I really had to get clarity with my business and attempts to do that were always sabotaged by daily demands of me, my time and energy. Consequently, I was not operating on full power.

“After much inner deliberation about whether I could afford the time off and money, , I did find the time, money and courage to book myself on Tricia’s Time out Retreat.  In a perfectly paced couple of days I was able to sit down and get really clear: where I was, where I was going and anything standing in the way of my business success.

“We stayed at a lovely hotel that allowed me to swim and enjoy nature in our down time. The value I received from being able to get that clarity more than covered my investment in many ways.  Consequently, since then, my business has had a real upturn.  Highly recommended.  You really are worth it and so is your business.”  Wendy Firmin-Price



Tricia works with interviewees on whatever aspect the interviewee is finding difficult, providing practical solutions to address those difficulties.  Tricia has a good insight into how potential employers approach interviews, enabling interviewees to learn the practical skills needed, for example, to answer difficult interview questions.     IJ, London


Tricia has an amazing gift for understanding exactly where you are coming from.  She is incredibly insightful and I felt like she'd known me for ages, even when we first met.  Her coaching has really helped me see myself more as others do, both in a professional and personal way.  In fact that's one of the great things about Tricia - she looks at the whole you.    Wendy, Surrey


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