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Stress and Wellness

To succeed in business you and your staff need to be firing on all cylinders.  In fact, you could say that the health of your business is directly related to the health of you and your employees and their ability to manage stress.  Whether individuals are ill at work or take time off to recuperate, their productivity and your profits are impacted.

The Health and Safety Executive report that workplace stress costs us in excess of £530 million a year.   It may not be easy to quantify the cost of under performance or employee absenteeism but it does have a bearing on your organisation, the stress and effectiveness of the remaining team and customer service levels.

How would you rate you and your staff for the following?

  • Brain function – clarity of thought, good problem solving, focus, concentration and memory
  • Energy and stamina – remember that business is not a sprint, but a marathon
  • Immune system – if your immune is strong you fight off infection more easily
  • Stress resilience – the ability to deal with pressure of work, life, difficult people and deadlines

These can all be improved through effective stress management and nutrition.   Blending practical solutions with positive psychology, NLP, mindfulness and neuroplasticity, everything becomes easier.

“Before my stress and wellness assessment I had a lot swimming around in my head and this assessment enabled me to see the challenges and priorities more clearly and provided solutions on how to deal with them.  I got some really useful insights and it was very comprehensive, dealing with all aspects of life from work, to home life and diet and everything in between.”

MW, Business Owner

Typical signs of stress include headaches, IBS symptoms, lack of sleep, loss of humour, changes to eating habits.  Taking action sooner rather than later can have a hugely positive impact.  Remember that taking care of yourself and your people is taking care of business.

Workplace stress impacts productivity by affecting attendance but also by reducing the productivity of you and/or your staff at work.  Illness and poor energy have a similar effect.   When we feel under par, we simply cannot produce the same results as when we are healthy, energised and strong.  Effective stress management and health management is key.

It is said that a man’s greatest wealth is health.  And for a business, employee wellness is a precursor for profitability – corporate wellness in every sense of the word.

“Tricia gave an inspiring talk on resilience which was both interesting and thought provoking and provided useful key information as to how one can apply such skills to life and work challenges.”

Barlow Robbins Solicitors

Dealing with the symptoms of stress and/or illness is not enough to ensure long-term results.  A-HEAD for Success use cutting edge interventions and wellness coaching to deal with the underlying causes, often before symptoms are noticed, as a preventative measure or to deal with physical and emotional illnesses that affect on an individual’s ability to perform, such as stress, fatigue, depression and even addictions which are notorious for affecting productivity.

“I saw Tricia for a Stress and Wellness Assessment.  I was relieved at how easy she was to talk to and also how thorough.  She was able to understand with remarkable accuracy and speed not only the factors affecting me but the causes too, not just the symptoms! I was aware of some but not all until our session, she explained what I could do about them and would follow this up with a roadmap.  Tricia was both sensitive and supportive of my needs in a very practical way.  I have no hesitation in recommending this for anyone who wants to be at their best and to, not only head off problems before they arise, but also to deal with problems that are affecting you.”

G F O’Shea CFP Chartered FCSI, Managing Director, Acumulus Consulting

Here is the response to a talk which was given to a group of HR professionals:

“Tricia’s talk to our HR members was excellent.  Full of great content and useful advice.  Her style was very engaging, approachable and practical and it was a hugely beneficial talk on a subject we all need to understand for ourselves and our teams.”

Martin Buckland, CIPD Branch Chair and Managing Director of HR at Work Limited


Programs Available:

By implementing a workplace wellness program and/or stress management program, you can enjoy greater corporate wellness, greater profitability and a reputation for being an employer of choice, giving you an edge over the competition.

“Tricia gave an excellent presentation on “The Elephant in the Boardroom” about stress and wellbeing at work to the Guildford CIPD group. She delivered an interactive talk including, at the request of the audience, an impromptu mindfulness session. The feedback was very positive about both the content and style of delivery. She was able to highlight the economic cost of stress and lack of wellbeing and highlighted steps that we as individuals on our own behalf, and HR professionals with corporate responsibility to our staff, can take to improve stress and wellbeing in the workplace. I would like to thank Tricia for running such a great session which was an absolute pleasure to attend.”

David Snelling, CIPD Group Chair, Guildford

Book a stress assessment and/or wellness assessment – call now on 0845 130 0854.

Stress and wellness are part of the A-HEAD for Success coaching program.

“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”  Spanish Proverb



The Problem

A leading IT company had enjoyed growth three times the average for the industry.  However, this had put a strain on recruitment and the ability of the team to keep up with the level of work this growth had created.  This had resulted in several members of staff being signed off with stress and the organisation wanted to be sure they were doing all they could to ensure the health and wellbeing of its staff.

The Solution

A comprehensive stress assessment was conducted on the individuals most at risk, on a voluntary basis, to determine those factors affecting their stress levels, wellness and productivity.  Each individual got their own personal and confidential action plan and the company were given comprehensive recommendations indicating actions which they needed to take to ensure the health and safety of its employees.

Benefits to the Company

Improvements in performance (how well a job is done) and productivity (work rate), employee morale, customer satisfaction, profitability, loyalty, decision making, employee health, reduced sickness absence, fewer errors, employee development and, of course, fulfilling legal obligations

Benefits to the Employees

Improved stress resilience, better health, personal development, better understanding of their individual stressors and what to do about them, more control over their lives

To find out more about how this could work for you, contact Tricia Woolfrey on 0345 130 0854 or get in touch here.

Stress Resilience

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