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Time Out Personal Retreat

From Stressed and Tired …
… to Empowered and Inspired

Do you ever wish you could press ‘pause’? To recharge your batteries? To get some clarity and a clear way forward?

Being a success can feel like you are running a perpetual marathon, where the pace is relentless – so many demands on your time: places to be, things to do, people to see, targets to achieve and problems to solve. The higher up in the business you are, the harder and lonelier it can be. This can put you at risk of burnout, impacting your performance and ability to influence. It can also affect your health and your relationships at work and at home.

A weekend retreat (or longer if you prefer) can make all the difference.

You can’t be at your best when you’re running on empty.  So, take time to recharge your batteries so you are firing on all cylinders.  Time for you, where you are the agenda and the A-HEAD for Success 5-D Coaching Model is the vehicle to get you back on track, energised, focused and motivated.  And your business benefits because when you are at your best you produce better results that impact every part of the business you touch, as well as the bottom line.  This is an investment in you and your business.

The A-HEAD for Success 5-D Coaching Model

What one client said following her retreat:

“Thank you.  It felt really positive and I feel a weight has been lifted.  It’s been a bit strange because I’m not feeling bothered by things as I used to.  You have been really fantastic with me and I’m so grateful I found you.”  AW, London

Packages Available

There are three packages available to help you take stock, unwind, refocus and energise.  Each have varying levels of downtime and support. They will incorporate, according to your individual needs, neuro-linguitic programming, self-directed neuroplasticity, mindfulness, business coaching, leadership coaching, life coaching and nutritional coaching:


Two nights at a luxury spa hotel, plus 1:1 coaching (6 hours spread over two days*) where you have some time to yourself and your coaching focuses on the main issue affecting you with a blueprint for success.  You can expect to enjoy a feeling of calm clarity, feeling re-energised and ready for action by the end of your stay.

In summary:

  • Luxury spa hotel
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Time to yourself
  • One spa treatment*
  • Access to facilities (including, pool, sauna, gym, yoga, massage)*
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner*
  • Pre-retreat stress and wellness questionnaire and MBTI psychometric profile
  • Post-retreat follow-up of 3 one hour sessions
  • Report with insights and a simple to follow action plan


As above, with three nights, 9 hours coaching* spread over the weekend, an extra spa treatment, with plenty of time to yourself to recharge your batteries with tactics and strategies to deal with your current challenges.  The post retreat follow-up will be 6 x one hour sessions.

Total Restore

As above, with five nights, 12 hours coaching*, three spa treatments, ample quality time for yourself balanced with 1:1 coaching where we take a comprehensive look at what is affecting you, dissolve some of the stressors and create a route-map so you know exactly how to keep on track.  The post retreat follow-up will be last for 12 months, with weekly sessions in the first month, reducing to monthly thereafter.


“Oh if only I didn’t have all these distractions, if only I could afford to go off somewhere to get my head clear, if only, if only, if only etc.  I had serious brain fog in my very demanding job as solopreneur.

“I decided I really had to get clarity with my business and attempts to do that were always sabotaged by daily demands of me, my time and energy. Consequently, I was not operating on full power.

“After much inner deliberation about whether I could afford the time off and money, , I did find the time, money and courage to book myself on Tricia’s Time out Retreat.  In a perfectly paced couple of days I was able to sit down and get really clear: where I was, where I was going and anything standing in the way of my business success.

“We stayed at a lovely hotel that allowed me to swim and enjoy nature in our down time. The value I received from being able to get that clarity more than covered my investment in many ways.  Consequently, since then, my business has had a real upturn.  Highly recommended.  You really are worth it and so is your business.”  Wendy Firmin-Price


“In all honesty Tricia’s retreat is one of the best experiences I have ever had. The whole day consisted of Tricia looking into the problems that have surfaced in the 2 years of running my business, and addressing them with phenomenal advice and help! Not only was she great at advising on my business issues but unbelievably helpful with my own personal issues too.  She is a great listener, easy to talk to and very practical.

The whole day was amazing and I cannot wait to see Tricia again for our review on how things have been in my business in the new year! I highly recommend Tricia’s services, money well spent!”  Richard Williams


STOP PRESS:  A new, one day option is available.  Call 0345 130 0854 to find out more.

Your Coach

Tricia Woolfrey is a Harley Street integrative executive and business coach and published author who is an expert in the psychology and biolology of achievement with 20 years background in the corporate world, latterly as a Global HR Director.  Her approach is supportive, strategic, practical and holistic – dealing with you as a whole person.


Selected venues in the New Forest or Surrey.  Alternatives can be organised to suit by arrangement.

* Excluding alcohol.  Spa treatment up to the value of £65, subject to availability. Facilities are dependent on venue.  May also include golf and tennis.  Coaching times are approximate


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