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A-Z of Business: A – Appraisals


Now, you may be thinking of appraisals as something you do to your staff to tell them where they are going wrong and put them on the right track.  But it is more than that and it is more than just about your staff.  Done well, it is motivational and inspiring.

Appraisals are something you can do for yourself, your business as well as your staff.  It is a way of looking at:


  • What’s going well so you can do more of it
  • What could be improved so you are continuously evolving
  • Progress against goals so you can get back on track if you need to
  • Adjust your goals so that they are relevant to changing conditions such as market, environment, competition, etc
  • Plan for the future

It can help you really stay on top of your game if you are conducting regular appraisals of yourself, your business and your individual staff members.  You first of all need a list of competencies and measures of success to appraise.

If you want to know more about how to do these well, why not book a session so you give your business the best chance of ongoing success?  Call me on 0845 130 0854 to find out more.

To your success!

Tricia Woolfrey

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About Tricia Woolfrey

Tricia Woolfrey is a business, performance and productivity coach, helping people to succeed in their business, and for their business to succeed. She has extensive experience with clients across several business sectors, including IT, telecoms, event management, entertainment, recruitment, finance, PR, coaching and therapy, support services, legal and more, ranging from large corporates to start-ups and the solo-preneurs.

Prior to running her own consultancy, she was Group HR Director for a multi-national organisation and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Professional Development. Her integrative approach to change has had profound results for individuals and organisations alike.

“The results there were nothing short of fantastic”- Guy Apple, VP Marketing & Sales, NVT, UK

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