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How do I Know Who is the Right Coach for Me?

Are you a Level One, or a Level Two Person?


When you are looking for the right coach, there is something important to consider. When you need support, whether it is for a flat tyre, to buy a special outfit, help for a worrying health condition, or if you want some coaching/therapy, I think it is safe to say we all want quick results. But I think the point is that we want ‘quick’ and we want ‘results’. But can we have them both?

The Lure of the Quick Fix

Our expectations for quick results come from our on-demand lifestyle. It’s crept up on us through the years creating high expectations. And what’s wrong with that, you might ask. The problem is what kind of result you want? One that deals with the cause of a problem, or a sticking plaster over a huge scar with the open wound not fully protected from the elements and in danger of infection? That’s the problem with quick fixes.

Level One or Level Two Support

The difference is between level one or level two support.

Let’s consider those examples.

If you have a flat tyre, level one support will replace the tyre.  Level two support will check whether there is anything wrong with the suspension which might have caused it and fix that too, so you don’t get a flat next time you are driving at 70mph on the motorway, with the risk of your head being buried deep within somebody else’s boot.

If you are looking for an outfit for a special event, level one support will be someone picking up the nearest thing, or perhaps the outfit they have too much stock of.  Level two support will be someone who asks about the kind of event, looks at your shape and colouring and finds the perfect outfit for you that helps you look your best.

If you are worried about a health condition, level one support is a doctor who scribbles a prescription without asking any questions or checking your notes.  Level two support will mean the doctor will ask questions about your problem, check your history to see if your current problem links to something else, and ask whether anything else is going on which might preclude one diagnosis or suggest another one entirely.  They may also give you a physical check-up or arrange for some tests.   They will be concerned about the underlying cause, which may or may not be obvious, so they can resolve the cause, so the symptoms don’t keep recurring.

Level One and Level Two People

Level 1 professionals are doing a job but want it to be low effort.  They just want to get through their day as easily and painlessly as possible.  They see their work as transactional.  You, and/or your problem, are a job.

For Level 2 professionals their work is their vocation.  They love what they do and are there to serve.  They do a lot of personal development so that they are at the top of their game and are able to provide the best possible service.  They love their clients and treat them with the utmost respect.  They will look for the cause of what’s happening because they know that otherwise the problem will just keep recurring.  They see their work as relational, not transactional.  They see you and are interested in helping you.  The difference being that you are a client, not a customer.  They care and will do their utmost to provide you with what you need in a way that matters.

Level 2 When Results Matter

I know which level of support I prefer.  And it’s the level I give to my clients:  Level 2 absolutely.  Because I care about my clients and I care about how my service providers treat me.  So I will always go for level 2.  It’s a no-brainer.

I developed the A-HEAD Success 5-Step, 5-Dimensional program to make sure that what I provide delivers.  The “H” in A-HEAD is a holistic assessment of barriers to success.  It’s a whole-person approach.  And the 5 Dimensions cover:

Clarity so you know where you’re going, what’s blocking you, your priorities, next steps and more

Skillset so you have the skills within you, or around you, to make sure you get there

Mindset to help you stay motivated and solution-focused

Stress-resilience so you can navigate challenges more easily, coming through stronger and wiser for them

Health and Energy so you have enough energy to sustain you through the tough times and to enjoy the good times too

How do I know who the right coach is for me?

If you would like to experience Level Two Support for whatever change you are wanting to make, do get in touch, for a no-obligation chat. You’ll be glad you did!

I borrowed the idea of level one and level two for this article from a passage in the excellent book Kintsugi: Embrace your imperfections by Tomas Navarro.  It really clicked with me and how I like to work but also how I like to be supported too.  I hope it resonates for you as much as it did for me.

To your success.

Tricia Woolfrey

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