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Sources of Negative Stress: New Year Expectations

Stress of New Year Expectations

New Year: Make it Happen

The New Year is always full of expectations.  One week into the New Year and I am noticing three things:

  • One person is completely fired up and wants to leverage this focus and energy to get her year off to a great start – she’s sick of the excuses she had throughout the last year
  • Several who started with very good intentions which have already fallen by the wayside in the face of competing demands
  • Several more who have started the year overwhelmed and not sure where to start

How would you describe your start to the new year?

Here are 3 tips to help you:

  1. Get really clear about what you want to achieve, why (this should be motivating) and by when
  2. Make a list of the resources you have and/or need to get you there and make sure they are in place
  3. Make a stretching but achievable time plan with milestones. Diarise them and honour them like you would a meeting with someone else.

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