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How is Your Mental Health?

World Mental Health Day and Stress

It’s World Mental Health Day until the 10th  and I thought I would give you a heads up as a part of my Causes of Stress series.  Since my work revolves around performance, productivity, stress resilience and health and energy, mental health is at the centre of it all so it is a good time to reflect on it and to share with you something to help make sure that yours is optimal.

You see, we all have mental health.  The question is not whether you have it but in what condition it’s in.  Would you describe yours as Optimal?  Functional?  Variable?  Or On the Floor?  There are three main components to mental ill-health:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Of course, it isn’t as simple as that but it’s a really good start.  There will be times when you feel you can do anything, but there will be times when you do feel stressed, depressed or anxious and each day feels like you’re wading through treacle, with weights on your ankles and a monkey on your back.

Depression however, is a complex condition, it can be as simple as low mood, or it can be a life-changing condition which impacts all areas of your life and your very sense of self, depending on the type of depression you have.  Some people respond well to anti-depressants but these mask the problem rather than help you overcome it.  Depression can be a biochemical imbalance, or it can be caused my life events, beliefs or thinking patterns.

Stress, by contrast, is a feeling of overwhelm, a sense that you don’t have the internal resources to cope with the demands that life has placed upon you.  We all feel this sometimes.  Or it can be an all-pervading cloud that can affect your results and, by turn, your health and relationships.

Then we have anxiety which can be defined as fear of the future, an underlying sense that things will go wrong.  It can hold you back like nothing else.

Stress, depression and anxiety can all be linked, although not necessarily.

They all tend to get worse unless they are addressed.  Yet what many people do is distract from them.  Smoking, drinking, comfort-eating, Facebooking, etc are common distraction techniques.  However, all they do is push the problem further down which serves to make it stronger because all of these conditions are calling for action which addresses the underlying cause.

So, I am now offering a Breakthrough Session to help you thrive, despite circumstances.  Sometimes you need to cut through and get to the root cause of a problem, giving you insight and strategies and a clear way forward.  This is the Breakthrough Session.  Three hours just for you where you can leave feeling empowered.  To find out more call 0345 130 0854.  You’ll be glad you did.