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Sources of Negative Stress: Regrets

Stress, regrets and hindsightIf you are living with regrets, it can feel as though the past is ever-present, tarnishing what is good and holding you back.   Yes, regrets can be stressful.  They can certainly keep you awake at night.  They can also affect how you manage, and engage in, your daily life.

Regrets can be for something you did which you shouldn’t have or something you should have done which you didn’t.

In the moment that you do something (or decide not to), you do so with our best thinking at the time.   As someone said “when we know better, we do better”.  But sometimes, that thinking is marred by fear, doubt or pressure to act.  Focusing on the need for short-term results without thought to long-term consequences are a common culprit and a sure-fire way to create regrets.

Whatever the reason, the past is the past.  And the only thing to do is to learn from the experience, otherwise it will continue to affect your present, your levels of stress, your result and even your reputation.

But you are not your mistakes.  By learning from your experience (a lesson which empowers rather than one which diminishes you), hindsight can be a great teacher.  An empowering lesson is one which makes you wiser and able to make more intelligent choices in the future, choices which help you rather than hold you back.

Sometimes whatever it is you regret will require building bridges and making amends.  This in itself can cause stress but often relationships are stronger for this if it is done constructively.   The stress is short term, the positive results from building those bridges can be felt far and wide and long into the future.

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