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Mental Health and Wellness at Work: It’s time to grow

Meeting increasing demand for mental health and wellness at workPart of any success strategy is knowing when you need to increase the resources to meet demand. And that’s where A-HEAD for Success is at the moment. Mental health and wellness at work are becoming increasingly recognised as a high priority for businesses. Not just because it’s just sound business sense (you want your most important asset to be functioning at its best, whether that’s you or people who work for you) but also to meet legal obligations.

Mental health and wellness are essential components of the A-HEAD for Success 5D Coaching Model: Clarity, Skillset, Mindset, Stress Resilience and Health/Energy.

When your team are firing on all cylinders, your business can grow too. Each decision or non-decision is sowing the seeds for the future of your business.

In business there is often a critical decision point: whether to be proactive and deal with problems before they start, or wait until it becomes urgent. By then negative consequences have already started to embed and it is more difficult to harness the change in a positive way, or it consumes one of your precious resources so that other things which need attention may be ignored as the emergency is dealt with.

This can have the added consequence of putting extra pressure on the team. And we have all heard of the straw and the camel. It is alarming to know that it can take a year or more to recover from a nervous breakdown or burnout. Can your business withstand that?

So, instead of fire-fighting, consider the following:

  • What decision are you delaying?
  • What are the potential consequences of delay?
  • What are the potential benefits of action?
  • Whether your business is growing or downsizing or going through some other significant change, how are you making sure that your best resource – your people – are ready for the challenge?
  • And what about you?

2018.03.19 - MEET THE TEAM

In order that we can serve increasing demand the team is expanding. We have two new coaches: Ian Crocker and Julia Philpott. Both excellent coaches who are undergoing my A-HEAD for Success 5D Coaching program to take their coaching to new levels – reaching the parts other coaching does not reach. Also Emma Saccomani who is our Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Instructor. MHFA is an important component for Mental Health at Work.

If you want support to make sure you are all at your best, so you can thrive, do call us on 0345 130 0854 for a no-obligation chat.