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If Coaching Saves Lives, What Could it Do For You?

Blue Monday CoachingIn a world of such complexity, competitiveness and relentless change, it can be tough just staying where you are.  Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing date of the year.  As well as the factors I have already mentioned, the cold weather, post-Christmas debt and failure to stick to New Year Resolutions can all lead to a significant drop in motivation and mood.  The wish for things to be different are matched only by a lack of energy or ability to make it happen.

I recently watched a TED Talk which was about coaching called ‘Want to Get Good at Something?  Get a Coach’.  The speaker talks about how it was used to save lives in the third world and it got me thinking about all the ways that coaching can help people like you.

What difference has it made?

If it can:  

  • Help surgeons save more lives
  • Help a violinist produce a virtuoso performance
  • Help football teams win more games

… what difference could coaching make to you?

Couldn’t it help you get back on track?  Provide you with hope, purpose and meaning?  Be at your best more often?  With less stress?  More fulfilment in all areas of your life?  A good coach will help turn your expertise into excellence, problems into opportunities and enjoy more success with less stress.  This increases levels of motivation which is an antidote to low-mood.

How coaching works

How?  By providing you with a whole new level of awareness, help you gain insights, learn tools and techniques to move you forward.

I saw one of my clients yesterday whom I’ve been seeing for a year.  She achieved her original goal but chose to continue the coaching, albeit less frequently.  What this has done is let her move beyond the anxiety that drove her to make the first call, to a confidence and ease in her role that has won her the respect of people with much more experience than herself.  Her stress levels have reduced significantly, she has got herself a social life (she didn’t have the time before because she was too scared not to work all her waking hours), she has a grace and ease about her and is able to navigate challenges more easily, enjoying her work rather than enduring it.  This week I expected her to put a stop to her sessions, instead she told me that she was still getting so much from them and always learned something which benefited her in all areas of her life, she was likely to continue for some time to come.

Evolve or become irrelevant?

But, for many, they think that their learning stopped at school/college/university but if yours is the only opinion you listen to, doesn’t that mean that you aren’t growing?  And if you aren’t growing and evolving when the world is (and at such a pace), what does that mean for you?

Coaching:  an investment, not a cost

Coaching is an investment in yourself and in your future.  If you haven’t tried it, perhaps now is the time.

And if you want to listen to this inspiring TED Talk which inspired this article, here it is.

An integrative approach to coaching

My approach is integrative which means taking a whole-person approach so that helps to liberate you from blocks and navigate you towards success.  Adolfo Martini, L&D Director at L’Oreal calls integrative coaching “an enlightened approach which navigates the complexity that surrounds us.”

There is no better time

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