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What is Mental Health?

There is a lot of talk currently about mental health.  But what does it mean?  Having worked with people for over 20 years providing both coaching and therapy, this is my take on this complicated issue:

Mental Health

  • Clarity of thought
  • The ability to:
    –  See things as they are, in perspective
    –  Solve problems effectively
    –  Bounce back from setbacks
    –  Learn from experience
  • Feeling motivated and purposeful
  • A sense of inner peace
  • Feeling connected to yourself, to others and the world


Of course we can fluctuate in terms of our own functioning from day to day but, by and large, the above is a good gauge.

Mental health is not about pretending things are OK when they’re not (whether to yourself or others).  It isn’t about numbing emotions through eating more, drinking more, smoking more, spending more, Facebooking more, etc.  It also isn’t about hibernating away from the world.  It is not about putting on a brave face.  It is a position of deep personal honesty and self-care.

When you are overworked, overwhelmed and overtired, confusion, irritation, turmoil, insomnia, stress, anxiety and withdrawal are just some of the signs that you are out of balance.

Depression comes when you ignore your needs.  Mental health is about addressing your needs and knowing when to reach out and get help.  Getting off the treadmill, offloading, unwinding and getting a new perspective with someone who understands how to stop the slippery slope can make all the difference to you.  You don’t have to suffer alone.

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