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Enjoying More Flow – The Blaze

Which stress personality are you?So far in this series, we have looked at what flow means and we have looked at the profile of the Dynamo.  Today we are going to focus on The Blaze and what they need to do to enjoy more flow in their work life.

One of the main factors in enjoying more flow is to really understand your strengths and how to play to them.  So, as you read this article, do consider whether this profile describes you and what you need to do to create more flow.  There is no ‘best’ profile as each brings its own strengths and challenges.  By becoming more aware of what you bring to each activity and how to leverage these, you can enjoy more flow, less stress and more productivity.

It does not mean that if something is not a strength for you then you are doomed to fail in that category.  It does mean you need to be uber-conscious of what you are doing, why and how, to make sure you are being as effective as possible.  It will not flow in the same way as a natural strength, but you can become competent.  So, if you don’t identify with this profile, you might want to consider how the lack of the strengths of this profile could benefit you in your working life and how you might be able to develop some of that.

So, what is a Blaze?  The strongest characteristic of the Blaze is their sociability.  They love people and so relationships are extremely important to them.  They will be less task-focused than the Dynamo we discussed last time so may be perceived as being disorganised.  They are big communicators but this can mean that they may take a long time to get to the point which can be frustrating for those on a deadline.  They are warm people, very outgoing and enjoy excitement and variety.

However, because they will be focused on people more than tasks, it will be a challenge for them to keep to timelines.  They are at their best in a role where relationship building is important.

If you are a Blaze, in order to make those relationships work for you, do be clear about the outcome you want to achieve and keep that in your mind’s eye.  Relationships are enjoyable but at work they also need to be productive.  Never let them get in the way of you achieving business results too.  Hone your skills so that you become a strong influencer and negotiator.  Winning the hearts and minds of people is a key skill in the context of business, as long as you remember what you want to achieve.

In the next of this series of blogs I will be writing about The Tempo.  If you would like to have a profile so you can really understand yours better sooner, do contact me on 0845 130 0854.

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